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Let’s start with making definition of tactic and defense.

TACTIC: Managing art of land, air and sea wars by using all war vehicles to reach a spesific goal.

STRATEGY: Tracing. Art and science of using all politic, economic, psychologic and military powers pertaining of one nation to support policies adopted at peace or war.

In the point of tactic, in the realistic scenarios about self-defense there is training based on using of simple attacks and pratic tactics. All tactics and techniques are improved for using the most under the real life conditions. Moreover, this program includes the trainings about professional defense tecniques and tactics suitable for international standarts of the armed forces, police and security organization personnel, execution and guard officer who work in units of domestic safety and sudden intervention; acquiring of the knowledges, skills and attitudes for the using of the vehicles (robocop, gas mask, shield, etc. ) which restrict the actings.

During the training theorotical knowledges suitable for international standards and human rights . These knowledges include using of the force and closed defense guns gradually after trying of the all persuasion ways.

Other martial and defense arts are making this kinds of operations in the training programs for the competition. This training program doesn’t have competition program, because it was prepared for the street fights and professional training. Training in the other systems don’t affect the training but there are better results for the people who start firstly. People can continue making sport after taking tactical defense training. This training provides improvement of the people in their system. No branch and style is not compared with the system, they are evaluated in the mixed martial arts category.

It is advised to be investigated of the program not to be wasted of the time and efforts. Giving training is continued under the real and natural concept which includes defense and attack. There is no need for the special dress, training can be made in everywhere. In the PARS TACTIC DEFENSE training, a program was developed for practice of the women easily. Ony the women can take this training out of the normal training.

Some countries realize that programs of martial arts for the sportmens is not suitable for the professional fields of the military, security and safety personnels. It is thought that when a sportmen is trained only for taking point under some rules, necessities of the martial arts under professional field won’t be sufficient and sportmens won’t have required acqusitions.

There are some countries in the world which work under this concept. For example; Israel Kapap, Kravmaga, Lotar, Russia Spetsnaz, Systema, Peru Vacon, Brazil, Combato.

Tactic has elements. Elements of this training are person, time and field control. There are 8 tactics in this training program. Each tactics are a natural discipline against attacks and natural reactions of the component.

There are general tactics against physical reactions under the stress and anger and maximum level of adrenaline. These tactics were created to defy attacks under exceptional situations.

It is aimed to take under control of the people completely instead of checking and pacifying details of armed or armless attacks of the assailant.

A metod, learning of which is possible and easy, was created for the people who want to defense themselves in the streets in daily life.

Our Provision;

To be leader in the training field known self-defense in the world and called closed defense-self defense- individual defense and to compete for Turkey.

Our Goal;

a) Providing of easy and simple learning

b) Making of a healty conseption system which provides to act quickly and practice easily

c) Raising of warrior spirit

d) Raising of selfconfidence

e) Providing of the hidden skills of the people

f) Direction of every people

g) Providing self-defense without injury

h) Providing using of the sensitive points

i) Using the defense environment and materials

There are 5 levels; P.T.S.S 1,2,3,4,5 in this training program.

Furthermore, there are time-bound trainings under different titles for people who want to take training about definite subject.

- Woman self-defense tactics

- Disarmament tactics

- Making without stick tactics

- Making without knife tactics

- Making without gun tactics

- Prevention tactics without giving any harm to assailant

- Carrying- Transfer Tecniques, Handcuff tactics

- Using baton tactics

- Fight tactics in the flor……etc


Defensive tactics training area Pars everyone

Asistand instructor
Have completed at least the drop PTSS2 education must have to participate to the seminar.

Pars Tactical Defense Training Program have completed at least 1 year must have to participate to all seminars

Expert insructor
Document at least 3 years with educators and has given Pars Tactical Defense Training documents to participate to the seminar each year to be done must be centrist. Visa system is available to all instructors participate in the seminar will be opened in that year visa documents are required to have training in that year can not otherwise. 1,2,3,4,5 and then be given training seminars PTSS All documents are maintained by the center. All documents to be given outside of the center is invalid.

Educators and experts at least 10 years Certificate Owner Pars Tactical Defense Training has given documents to participate to the seminar to be done each year must be centrist. Seminars and Professional Trainers in all courses are taught in the assessment is.

Head Master
Pars Tactical Defense make up the education system operates Şevki ERDOĞAN currently the head trainer duties. In the following years, experts and teachers is to make the selection of trainers from the Teacher Educators Educators head is selected.


Pars International Tactical Defence is a member of I.S.D.C.O

New Reality Based Self Defence System -TURKEI
Personal Protection and Defensive Tactics Training
Pratik (Pratic)
Akılcı (Rational)
Realist (Reality)
Seri ( Fast)
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